Opening Up

Weight loss is not an easy thing to do.  It is a journey where you are constantly fighting those internal voices. It is something that can tear you apart.  That is why it is so hard, and so many people struggle to do it successfully.

The weight loss industry pushes into our lives, promising the easy way out. From diet pills to fad diets.  There are so many opinions on what works, what doesn’t work, eat more meat, eat less carbs, eat for your blood type, eat like our ancestors did, ect.  There are also the most extreme ways to lose weight.  Gastric and Lap band.  But, I am here to tell you obesity can not be cured by a pill, a diet nor surgery.

To lose weight, you first have to figure out why you allowed yourself to get so big in the first place.  What caused you to let yourself go? Was it comfort? Was it a way to escape? Was it a way to cure boredom?  Once you understand the why. It allows you to fill that void with something else.  I ate because I was bored. I was a caretaker.  I spent all my time taking care of everyone else. In the mean time, I sat and I ate.

I changed my lifestyle to fill that void with exercise, walking and friends.  Friends is the most important addition to my life.  These are the people you need in your life to talk to when you are down or emotionally spent. They will call you when you least expect it. Or, when you are sad and down.  They spend time with you to talk it out.

I am learning though, that I still make some big mistakes. When I need my friends, they do call. They do see me.  But I get so closed up that I don’t tell them I need a hand. I need advice.  I need an ear.  I’ve been doing this all along.  I was in the hospital a year ago April. I was very sick and I was all alone.  I didn’t call anyone because I wanted to do it alone.  It was the first time I was ever in the ER. I was scared, and I just didn’t feel good.  My friends were angry at me, because all I had to do was call and I wouldn’t have been alone.

When I went to Illinois,  I went to the Northbrook Seventh Day Adventist Church.  I listened to a sermon on opening yourself up to God.  Allowing yourself to be seen fully.  He said, so many are willing to open themselves up to their friends yet they aren’t transparent to God.  You let your friends see you good and bad.  Yet we don’t do that when we seek out God. We hide because we want to be perfect, and we want to be flawless.  Yet God knows we are all with flaws. Just as our friends know we are with flaws.

This is a bit different to someone who is obese. I am so embarrassed when I am weak. I am so embarrassed to ask for help because I have something to prove.  It is a chip on my shoulder that was created by being judged so harshly when I was so big.  I am learning though that I need to be honest and when I am in need.  I need to trust in the people I have surrounded myself with.  I also need to trust in them to offer me advice that is based on their knowledge of me and to accept that.  I find myself saying “I know” a lot.  This has been pointed out by more then one person. (Douglas, Bruce, and Matt).   Instead–I need to trust them and allow myself to walk forward to make a change in my life.

I KNOW my path to finish.  <—I need to just finish and quit over thinking things.  I KNOW what I want to do..<—I need to just step forward and make it happen… I KNOW how to work out <–I need to recommit myself 100%. No excuses.  I also need them to continue to encourage and push me.  To not let me make an excuse, but to push me past that.

I trust in God that his love is with me.  He has been guiding me the entire time and bringing me these wonderful friends.  I trust in my friends to give me solid advice. To love me, support me, and encourage me.  They need to be brutally honest with me when I am not being true to myself.  They need to call me out, when I am not being accountable to my goals. I do trust in them.

Ultimately weight loss comes down to the choices we make over those internal voices. Yet our outside influences can help us get past that internal voices that saps our strength and robs our spirit.  Yes, the people you surround yourself with can help you to quiet those negative thoughts.

If you are overweight and are struggling to lose weight. Surround yourself with positive people who will not judge, but will listen. Surround yourself with people who will be honest with you, even when it is tough.  When you find that group of people, I implore you to open up to them. Heed their advice when you know it comes from love.  Especially when you are struggling, as we do.

1 Corinthians 10:13

The Joy Of A Click!

Hello all–Sorry I missed a blog or two. But I was travelling to Chicago to Participate in the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day 60 Mile walk.

So what does the title have to do with Susan G Komen? Absolutely nothing.  The title is a celebration.  This time in travelling I sat in my plane seat, and fit.  Much to my excitement, not only did I fit, but the seat belt clicked without an extension.  This is the first time travelling in a long time that I didn’t need an extension. Small victories equal big celebrations.

This is a short post, as this lady is sore.  SO just a tip.  Count your calories as you eat, not after. Make sure you are getting 1800 calories or less (depending on your activity level).  Make sure you are being honest with the count. If you don’t, you’ll constantly look at the numbers and know they are off.

Have a great Tuesday! Will post something else when I recover from the weekend!




Noun- mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.

As I have been chatting openly about weight loss.  Many ask if I struggle. In fact, when they find out how much I have lost, they say WOOOOOW how did you do that? YOU must have an iron will.. YOU must be so strong. YOU must have everything figured out.

Truth-I did it by asking for help.  I surrounded myself with people who keep an eye on me. I am strong in many ways and learning in others.  I don’t have everything figured out! I wish I did.  The hardest thing that I struggle with now is balance in my life. You know, this is a subject I am not at all good at talking about.  Probably because it is the one thing I struggle with the most.

This past weekend I listened to a very smart man talk about a juggler.  That we can juggle only so many tennis balls before we have to have an assistant throw some more into the mix.  But, what happens when you start to drop some of the tennis balls because you can’t possibly take on more?

How can I keep the most important tennis balls up in the air and take on more? How do I say no to things that are not that important, or re-prioritize them?

In the past the tennis balls I juggled were work, television, food and family.  I had television right up there with family. Where was God/Faith? Where is my social life? Where is taking care of me? Where are friends? Health? I thought I was doing good by being a caretaker to my Mom.  I was always there for her.  Yet was I there for me?

Now I juggle God/Faith, family, friends, social life, school/creating a company, work, healthy eating, work outs, and reading.  Now I have a lot more on my plate, but what is on my plate is more nutritious for the mind body and my soul.  It has taken me awhile to change my lifestyle.  Truly I have no idea what is on TV, and strangely I don’t care to know. However, I find myself still struggling to juggle.  When one of those tennis balls, which are all important to me, takes more of my time it threatens the others.

That is where my support group that surrounds me comes into play.  You see, I have a group of people that I surrounded myself with who act as a clearance committee.  These are people that I fully trust that will always be honest, sometimes brutally honest, about how I am doing. They ask me tough questions, even when I am not ready for them.  I make mistakes. I’ve even dropped a few of those tennis balls.  But, the people around me won’t let me falter. Well, for too long. I need to learn from each time I get out of balance.  It is important for me to know what I need to improve on.

Recently I have been learning about the foundation that lifts me up.  It allows me to juggle. The initial confrontation about me losing weight was a question asked to me. Shannon–You work tirelessly to help us to improve. You do anything to help us. What do you do for you? I want you to know that I love you, this team of brokers loves you, the manager loves you and Shannon God loves you.  Do you love yourself?

When I am juggling my greatest assistant is yes a group of people.  But my foundation is God.  I love myself now, my way in life, and even my hope in life.  I know God loves me. To accept that love, I had to see what was worthy in me to love. In the past I didn’t care if I lived or died. I thought happiness was taking care of my Mom, and letting me go.  In a way sacrificing me, for someone else.  I will always have that willingness to help someone in need.  Yet, I won’t let it consume me.  My life has a strong and solid foundation now.  I have a nutritious plate to feed my soul.  Most importantly I have the right balance in my life.

DO I struggle? Yes-I will forever be fallible. Yet I will try to be in balance more often than not.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Thanks for peeking in on my journey!

Pray for wonderful weather, cool mornings, and for strength to all the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3Day walkers in Chicago this weekend.  I will there!

Balancing For Core Strength-Me at 230 lbs down.