Plateau-Good or bad thing?

What a difference a year makes…. It has been awhile since I last blogged. Probably because I hit a pretty unhappy plateau.. But was it really a plateau ┬áthat was a bad place to be? Or a plateau that has taught me more then I could have ever imagined.

Weight loss is hard. It isn’t easy. No matter what method you choose, there are going to be ups and downs. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to get derailed by the choices you make. You may even fall flat on your face. What I have learned over this year– It is the people that you surround yourself with, who will be there when you need help getting up. They will help you dust off, and remind you of what you wanted in the first place.

Today I walked the Colorado Rockies, Home Runs for the Homeless 5k. I love this walk because I get to go onto Coors field, where my Colorado Rockies play. I also get to hang out with Cindy (Sunshine) and Yvonne (Yvie). The two of them have walked this 5k with me since 2010 when I walked the first time. What I noticed that first year was that I was bigger in width then Dinger (the mascot of the Rockies). The second year.. I was a little smaller. This year—–It was clear.. Even though I hit the plateau, I was still losing inches and putting on muscle weight. That was due to a very determined trainer at 24Hour fitness. He realized I put aside my goals… He saw that I was falling apart… But, yet he never once gave up on me, and continued to push. He IS a good friend who is encouraging, supportive, and really listens to me. He lifted me up when I didn’t feel like I was worth my own time. He never let me quit. Matt Ellison is more than a trainer—He is someone who cares about people and wants to truly see them reach their goals.. I am so very blessed to have a moment of his time and am thankful that I was assigned this trainer.. I’m telling you, it was the lottery win of a lifetime.

Cindy and Yvie—Wow—What can I say about these two ladies… In life we aren’t perfect. We make mistakes–Say the wrong things–Do the wrong things… True friends don’t judge, they listen.. They encourage.. They give you advice from the heart. No matter what choices I made.. They supported and continue to support me… As I stand to my feet again… It was the two of them who never once thought I fell… They stood close to me, protect me, and even are the sisters I wish I would have had growing up.. We three are so very different… But, we three are so there for each other.. I know I can count on them both–ANY time to be there for me.. Today, once again they walked side by side with me.. Encouraging me.. I know they walk faster than me–They walked with me… I am so blessed that I walked the 3Day in 2009.. I am SO blessed that I walked side by side with these two women.. They are not just friends, they are forever apart of my family.. I know I will be okay, and that I am back on track… Because they told me I am.

I can’t forget about a gent from work–He is a big brother.. When I was at my lowest, and falling apart–He didn’t seek me out–He waited for me to seek him out.. Knowing I was embarrassed by the choices I had made over the past year.. Rather than an I told you so. Even a discussion of a plateau–He went straight to get up and walk forward.. I got it now my friend–I’m not a match–Flickering in the wind–I am still the lady with bonfire inside–A desire to change the world–And me along the way.. I heard you!!!! I’ve got it–This year…

This year I also found something that was missing… James, when he confronted me about my weight…Asked me if I loved myself? Because he, the team of brokers and the manager loved me.. He also made sure I knew that God loved me. WHY would ANYONE love me?? James gave me the hope that people could see me.. More so, that people loved me–that God loved me. I regained my faith this year.. In God, for all things are possible.. I am loved, I can be loved, and I have been loved. This is the biggest gift I have ever received and I am continuing to explore all that it means. I do know that I am worth my time.. I am worth every dollar spent on a trainer (By the way, Matt is priceless).. I am worth every second that I spend walking.. Typing a blog.. Answering questions on facebook.. Talking to others about weight loss.. I am worth it… If you are reading this because you are struggling with your weight–You are worth the words!!! You are worth this time.. You are worth it to God… To those who love you, including yourself. Walk forward… Learn from the times you trip. The times you plateau, celebrate them as challenges.. Opportunities to learn and grow from the choices you are making.. I implore you, and encourage you to do better.. I’m back on track–Your turn!!

ACK–I am bigger than Dinger…

WOOHOO!! Dinger is bigger!