About Shannon Davis (TISS)

Shannon Davis is a woman who took the reigns on her life.  She used to weigh 589 pounds.  Her day consisted of going to work.  Sitting at work for 8 hours. Going home and sitting at home.  She was inactive and let herself go.  She was kindly confronted by a co-worker 3 years ago about her weight and she made a change to her lifestyle. She has lost 340 pounds.  She has been featured on Channel 4 and Channel 7 in Denver, as well as being interviewed by ABC’s Good Morning America.  Her Story will soon be featured in the Globe Magazine.

The diet? simply restrict the calorie count.  She states,” I really don’t diet, I just eat smaller portions and control my calorie in take. In many ways I now have my life back.  I don’t sit anymore for very long.  I am very active, love to hike, want to learn to bike, and will get up on water skis this summer. I own my life now and I am not afraid to be out enjoying it to the fullest extent.”

If you have any questions please let me know!

1 thought on “About Shannon Davis (TISS)

  1. Just found you from 52 weeks, 52 pounds and I also just started blogging as I just started trying to lose 50 pounds. What great incentive you have given me already!!! Good for you Shannon and I’ve added you to my google reader to continue sharing progess with you!! Have a great day!


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